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Hello friend, this is Jasmin. I was wondering if I could get a three card general reading from you since I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing, and I've already packed my cards for moving. I've also just been having a very troubling week and am trying to be a good source of support for some friends while taking care of myself, and feel a strong need to check in on where I'm at.



Hey friend! I hope the packing and moving are going well. That can be stressful, ugh. When you’re settled, let me know if you want to hang out with some cards.

I used the Wildwood Tarot for you, so it’s a bit different than the RWS. But I like it. 3 cards, shuffled, split, then flipped the top card of each pile. This ended up being a pretty interesting reading - it took me a while of reading, thinking, and writing to really get things sussed out. Kind of intense. Anyway, it looks like this:

  1. What’s up? Knight of Vessels, Eel
  2. Some to be aware of? 10 of Arrows, Instruction
  3. Any advice? 16 The Blasted Oak

Based on what you wrote, I feel like the Knight of Vessels represents you right now. As a vessels card, it’s attuned to emotions, relationships, compassion, the heart, and is focused on bringing maturity to tasks. The eel is a symbol of wisdom and protectors. It’s also about moving forward; being a quest of personal revelation and growth, which you can see as the eel moves through the water. You’ve been trying hard to support you friends AND take care of yourself - you’re in the middle of a lot of protective, emotional work. And if there’s some personal growth happening too? Fuck, that’s even more work, emotionally.

I think it was the 10 of Arrows that threw me off the most while doing this. At first I was like, wtf does instruction and relationships between generations or passing on skills have to do with things, let alone things to be aware of? But it got me thinking! Is there a mentor in your life right now? Related to you, not related, whatever? Or are you in the mentor position? I feel like this card is pointing out that whatever relationship it represents, something’s going on within it. Learn from it, grow from it, recognize it for what it is. Is there a strong hierarchy of Teacher and Student (whatever forms those roles take) or is there a give and take, like Freire’s student-teacher/teacher-student model (yes i just referenced Freire and Pedagogy of the Oppressed it’s good shit). 

Ok, ok, The Blasted Oak is a bit of an intense card, especially for an advice card. There’s been a lot hard stuff happening in your life recently; maybe it’s been soul shaking and thrown you off. It takes more effort to do things and you’re feeling out of control. Well, The Blast Oak - which combines The Tower and The Hanged Man - is telling you, first, that it’s ok! And guess what: You can do it. You can deal. You can persevere. The earth will catch you. As the Knight of Vessels, you have the inner strength to make it through this destruction and come through the other side, cleansed and renewed. You have your relationship from the 10 of Arrows to help you out. You’re not alone. This is one of those annoying (terrifying) transformation cards of tarot. It’s like the wildfire that burns out the old wood and forces the new plants - that only bloom after fire - to germinate and grow. 

ETA: or maybe it’s that relationship that precipitates the Blasted Oak? I keep noticing that the arrow in the 10 of Arrows points directly towards the broken branch of the Oak. Oh my. Either way, I can see why this relationship is something to be aware of!

Also, both the Knight of Vessels and The Blasted Oak are connected to the pagan holiday of Lammas, which is coming up this week, Aug 1ish. That gives me a sense that you may continue to have an intense time; do your best with supporting yourself, not just your friends.

Let me know if any of this resonates with you, Jasmin. <3 I definitely appreciate your feedback, friend.

My friend did this reading for me, and I’m giving it lots of thought this morning.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the 10 of Arrows and what relationship it could represent. I automatically thought of Colleen, and then more broadly, the lessons learned from other folks who practice non-violence, since that’s been where I’ve been drawing a lot of my energy and courage right now. But also just in general, I’ve been evaluating my relationships with all people, thinking on who I can count on for support and guidance, who I can reach out to. And Colleen knows what’s going on, I’ve talked to her, but I haven’t been reaching out to her because Palestine. 

But this reading resonates with me greatly. I do know that what is going on in my life is a process. It actually involves a court date at the end of September in NYC. 

Also, check out my friend, coffeeandtarot. She is doing cool tarot things. 

1 month ago / asked by jsmnn

I’m tearing apart my apartment, listening to Jenny Lewis in my underwear. I just disassembled my desk. Last night this boy I’ve been talking to called me a pretty lady from Kansas City. I think I do best with physical distance between myself and other people. 

One day if anyone ever does a biopic of my life, I hope they include the moment where I was driving today while crying and eating ice cream out a mason jar with a plastic spoon, because that really happened, and I’m going to go deal with my gross kitchen problem now, bye, 

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I am very sad and very scared and hoping things work out well for someone that I love.

Spring/Summer goals

  • Go hiking more
  • Take weekend trips
  • Read more
  • Write more
  • Bike more
  • Go outside as much as possible
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Things I am struggling with:

  • Diana is telling people that I’ve transformed the Peace Economy Project, but I feel like I’ve done nothing in my first year but make people happy. 
  • My cousin just texted me, and now I’m convinced that someone in my family is dead, even though probably no one is dead since his mom and my dad are already dead. 
  • Life is a piece of shit that is also incredibly beautiful, sometimes both at the same time, and how does one deal with that? 

In addition to a million other anxieties related to my job and life as an activist in St. Louis. 

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I woke up feeling sad about all the boys I’ve ever dated, including the ones I don’t normally think about. I blame going on a coffee date yesterday. Dating is stupid. 



So I’ve been freaking out about getting older and uglier a lot lately. 

But let’s take a moment to appreciate that at 27, I think I’m the coolest that I’ve ever been. 

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