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One day if anyone ever does a biopic of my life, I hope they include the moment where I was driving today while crying and eating ice cream out a mason jar with a plastic spoon, because that really happened, and I’m going to go deal with my gross kitchen problem now, bye, 

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I am very sad and very scared and hoping things work out well for someone that I love.

Spring/Summer goals

  • Go hiking more
  • Take weekend trips
  • Read more
  • Write more
  • Bike more
  • Go outside as much as possible
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Things I am struggling with:

  • Diana is telling people that I’ve transformed the Peace Economy Project, but I feel like I’ve done nothing in my first year but make people happy. 
  • My cousin just texted me, and now I’m convinced that someone in my family is dead, even though probably no one is dead since his mom and my dad are already dead. 
  • Life is a piece of shit that is also incredibly beautiful, sometimes both at the same time, and how does one deal with that? 

In addition to a million other anxieties related to my job and life as an activist in St. Louis. 

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I woke up feeling sad about all the boys I’ve ever dated, including the ones I don’t normally think about. I blame going on a coffee date yesterday. Dating is stupid. 



So I’ve been freaking out about getting older and uglier a lot lately. 

But let’s take a moment to appreciate that at 27, I think I’m the coolest that I’ve ever been. 

So this just happened. 

So this just happened. 

I just found the best old journal entry

August 15. 2013

I’m sitting in La Guardia for the second time this month. And once again, all I can think about is how much I just want to eat candy. 

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